Tutor Lessons

Engaging in tuition with Plymouth-based Drake Tutors is easy:

  • All tuition is 1-to-1, supporting students to achieve their full potential; home-based, in-situ or online.
  • Bespoke packages ensure individuality is nurtured.
  • Confidence-building, developing subject knowledge, skills and understanding, support to focus or consolidation.

How do you book a tutor?

  1. Book a tutor through the office: 01752 776622
  2. The tutor contacts you direct to discuss a plan
  3. Tutoring begins!

Face to face or online?

We use Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Skype or whichever platform is most suitable to you.


  • Payment is made directly to the self-employed tutor at the end of each session
  • There is no formal contract, sessions can cease at any time

Whether tuition is short-term (exam preparation) or long term (engaging with learning), positive, professional relationships developed between the student, tutor and family greatly support success.

The rewards are in the learning

‘I had a lovely session… yesterday, the student said thank you for everything, and then I got an email from her mum also thanking me and saying she thinks I have helped her improve her grade by 2 grades (from a 5 to a 7) which is really lovely to hear.’

Tutor feedback, 2021